Creative, many-sided, extraordinary Amamoda (Anna Mashkovskaya) is a fashion designer, artist, singer, poet, business lady. The pseudonym Amamoda is not only an abbreviation of a first and last name, it is a state of mind, a vivid story of life and travel, attention to detail аnd love of creativity.

One of Anna’s unique creative codes is NFT projects. She uses a way to transfer the energy, inspiration and objects of her creation from the real world to the block chain. Amamoda takes part in the project “Meta Muses” from the DEXART Meta universe. Its founders brought together the brightest, most creative and unique women to create a women’s community to bring beauty to the Meta verses through their many-sidedness and sensuality.

Amamoda participates in this project as a fashion designer and artist. Amamoda club has been created in the space that houses a gallery of her works, music, as well as fashion shows with her designs, all kinds of art performances, performances by the artist, art therapy and various master classes for everyone. In addition, this space will serve as a platform for virtual meetings, conferences and concerts. With the help of modern technologies, it will no longer be necessary to waste time searching for a location and a platform for holding a conference, anyone who enters the Amamoda space from any mobile device will be able to visit the event virtually.

When entering the meta universe, all users will be prompted to buy NFT muses, it’s like buying an entrance to a space where avatars can wear designer outfits and go to different galleries, clubs and enjoy different activities. It will also be possible to buy Amamoda’s music and all products of her work there. NFT will include the possibility of real production of her designs with subsequent customization for each client, sewing and delivery to the destination.

Amamoda invites you to  experience this magical world of virtual art, creativity and fashion, visit the meta universe and discover the endless possibilities that await you at the intersection of reality and virtual space. Absolutely everyone will be able to express their uniqueness here and translate their ideas into exciting digital works.