The former girlfriend of American billionaire and entrepreneur Ilon Musk, singer Grimes has said she is OK with other artists using her voice to create songs using artificial intelligence. According to NME, Musk himself has previously called for the creation of an agency in the US to control artificial intelligence and said the technology would inevitably control itself, with the potential to “destroy humanity”.

“I will split in half the royalties from any successful song created with AI using my voice. Just as I would do when collaborating with any artist. Feel free to use my voice without penalty. I have no label and no legal attachment,” Grimes wrote on social media.

However, the singer warned that she would still use the copyright infringement clause to remove the content if she created “toxic” songs.

In March, Elon Musk signed an open letter along with a number of experts in the field of artificial intelligence, in which he called for a suspension of AI development for at least six months in order to create strict rules for the development and operation of modern technology. The entrepreneur believes that the latter could pose serious risks to society and humanity.