David Beckham, 47, has posted a video on social media showing himself looking like an old man. It is dedicated to a serious cause: the fight against malaria in Africa. The video shows how the deadly disease affects a person. Beckham has supported the campaign against malaria for years. Appearing as an elderly man – Beckham looks about 70 years old. He says the world must defeat malaria – “the oldest and deadliest enemy of humanity”.

“A future free of this disease is possible in our lifetime. We must unite and tell our leaders that we will not stop until the job is done. Join me in declaring that malaria must die so that millions of people can live. The fight is harder now than ever. And it breaks my heart as a father that every two minutes a child dies of malaria,” says the former footballer.

The ‘Draw the Line for Malaria’ campaign encourages world leaders to fight the disease. It aims to inspire philanthropists to invest in saving African children from the dangerous disease.