Michelle Obama has founded a company to make and sell food and beverages for children. According to The Wall Street Journal, it has been named PLEZi Nutrition. The initiative is an extension of former US President Barack Obama’s wife’s fight against childhood obesity and work to improve the health of the younger generation as part of the Let’s Move! campaign.

“We hope not only to provide children with healthy and tasty drinks and products, but also to start a race for leadership that will change the entire food industry,” Obama said in a statement.

The first product to be introduced by PLEZi Nutrition will be a sugar-free beverage for children aged six to 12. It is packed with nutrients such as potassium and fibre. The Wall Street Journal notes that the drink’s label states that one 237-milliliter bottle contains 2 grams of fiber. The drink is described as a healthy alternative to juice.

The price of PLEZi drinks is $3.89 for a pack of four. Management notes that Michelle will be responsible for marketing and educational activities, as well as various charitable initiatives under the PLEZi brand. At the same time, Obama will not appear in the advertising of the products themselves.

Earlier, Michelle spoke at length about the complexities of her marriage to the president. Obama admitted that the most difficult period in their lives came with the birth of their children. While her husband was involved in politics, she took care of her two young daughters on her own. Michelle also noted that she made sure they did their household chores and lived like their peers.