Britney Spears’ memoirs, which will be released this fall and promise to reveal many sensational details of the pop star’s life, are seriously interested in filmmakers. According to insiders, famous Hollywood director Ryan Murphy, the creator of American Horror Story, is preparing to make Britney an offer she can’t refuse. Namely – to tell the true story of her life under guardianship on camera for a generous fee. How much could be involved is yet to be revealed. According to knowledgeable sources, Murphy is only about to talk to Britney about it. But that these talks may result in an agreement on the part of the singer, there is no doubt – Britney and Ryan personally know each other and even worked together.

“Ryan is openly fascinated by the saga of Britney’s life, and he’s certainly one of the few directors in Hollywood, and maybe the only one who actually has a professional relationship with Britney. He knows her, he knows her world and he knows why her custody story has resonated with so many people. But Ryan hates being accused of using victims and tragedy in his shows, so it becomes an incredibly sensitive issue and he wouldn’t even think of promoting it without a full co-sign-off from Britney” – says The US Sun insider.

As a reminder, talk of a Britney Spears biopic has been going on for years. Last year, “Very Stranger Things” star Millie Bobby Brown expressed interest in playing the singer in a potential biopic. Millie believes her own life is extremely similar to Britney’s long-suffering fate. Spears was critical of this:

“I hear about people wanting to make movies about my life… Dudes, I’m not dead! Although obviously they’d rather see me dead,” the star indignantly referred to her mother and sibling once again.