A black streak in Johnny Depp’s life seems to be over. After years of legal battle with Amber Heard and the subsequent “cancellation” in Hollywood, Depp again screens. And not just in movies, either. As reported by Variety, a French house of fashion and cosmetics magnate Dior, which all along has supported the actor and his faltering reputation, made Johnny an offer that he could not refuse – to become the new brand ambassador for an impressive fee. Amount of the deal official representatives have not disclosed, but insiders assure the publication: the amount of the three-year contract worth over 20 million dollars!

Such an impressive figure is unprecedented in the history of cooperation perfume brands with the stars. Until recently, the record was held by Robert Pattinson, who received $12 million as a representative of Dior Homme. He is followed by Brad Pitt, who was paid just 7 million for the Chanel No. 5 ad campaign. 5, he was paid only 7 million, almost three times less than Depp is now.

By the way, Johnny has collaborated with Dior before. In 2015, the “Pirates of the Caribbean” star became the face of Dior Sauvage. Back then, the advertising campaign drew on his image of a wild rocker. And it was a success until the unfortunate events of 2020, when a British court ruled against Depp in his libel suit against The Sun. The image of Johnny as an unstable, wife-beating man was then cemented. Under public pressure to ‘cancel’ Johnny, Dior was forced to put the relationship with the actor on pause. Talk of a partnership came back to the table immediately after his landslide victory in the lawsuit against Amber Heard.

It should be noted that Depp’s new contract with Dior coincided with his high-profile showing at the upcoming Cannes Film Festival. On May 16, Johnny will attend the world premiere of the historical drama “Jeanne Dubarry”, in which he played King Louis XV. The actor is expected to attend the Dior dinner on 17 May and will travel to London the following day to pay tribute to guitar virtuoso and seven-time Grammy winner Jeff Beck, who died of meningitis in January this year. At a concert in his honour, Depp will perform alongside Eric Clapton and Rod Stewart.