European media report that fashion designer, poet and artist Virginia von Fürstenberg – the granddaughter of Prince Tassilo zu Fürstenberg – died on 10 May in Merano. Her body was found at the Palace Hotel and investigators, who have not yet disclosed the official cause of death, rule out the involvement of third parties.

Recall that Virginia von Furstenberg was the founder of fashion brand Virginia Von Zu Furstenberg. In 2011, the princess made her theatre debut with the multi-genre play Dysmorphophobia about anorexia. In this way, Virginia sublimated her own psychological problems, as she too had suffered from PPR for many years. And in 2012 she made her first documentary about the life of her great-grandmother Virginie Bourbon del Monte.

Virginia von Furstenberg was born on 5 October 1974 in Genoa to Prince Sebastian zu Furstenberg. Virginia’s aunt is actress Ira von Furstenberg and her uncle is designer Egon von Furstenberg. Virginia has also had a busy personal life – she has been married three times and raised several children.