Singer Abel Tesfaye, best known to the public as The Weeknd, has decided to drop his stage name. Complex drew attention to the fact that the performer has changed the name of his accounts in almost all social networks. Now he is registered under his real name everywhere.

A few days ago, The Weeknd gave an interview to W Magazine. In it, the performer announced his desire to part with the pseudonym. Abel stated that he is not going to leave the music industry. He will continue to delight his loyal fans with new hit releases.

“I’m going through a catharsis right now. There comes a point where I’m ready to close the chapter of The Weeknd. I’ll still make music: maybe like Abel, maybe like The Weeknd. But still, I want to kill The Weeknd and I’ll do it eventually. I’m trying to shed my skin and be reborn,” said the musician.

Very soon, as early as June 4, the “Idol” series starring Lily-Rose Depp and The Weeknd will appear on streaming services. The project from the creators of “Euphoria” is about a young singer Jocelyn. The heroine is just beginning her career and joins a spiritual cult, the head of which is a nightclub owner Tedros. The show also stars Troy Sivan, Suzanne Sohn, Dan Levy, Hank Azaria, Eli Roth and many others.

The first viewers of the show will be visitors to the Cannes Film Festival. The show will run from May 16 to 27. The creators of the show are not telling how many episodes will be presented. They are still debating whether to show the third series, as it contains an important plot twist.