Tom Ford sold his personal brand Tom Ford to cosmetics company Estée Lauder last year. It was valued at $2.8 billion. The famous designer has recently released his latest collection. His big interview with the Air Mail was released the other day. The fashion designer spoke to journalist Bridget Foley. To her, the 61-year-old designer admitted that he was very tired. That’s why he decided to send his son to a children’s camp and just relax on his own.

“I will walk around the house in my underwear and a dirty T-shirt and eat cereal out of a bowl. I’m not going to take a bath for three or four days at a time. I’m going to stare at the ceiling. Or watch stupid shows on TV. I just want to be left alone,” he stated.

Ford also spoke about the tragic losses in his life. During the pandemic, the fashion designer’s father passed away and then several other friends passed away. After the traumatic experience, Tom sold the business and moved to Palm Beach from Los Angeles with his son.

“No responsibilities. I have nothing to do. I’m unemployed. I’m retired. What I need to do now is take a nap. My father died during the COVID pandemic. I sold my company. We moved. I need a few months to digest everything that happened and then start writing,” he stated.

Ford plans to start writing film scripts. He has already tried his hand as a director. His films “Under cover of night” and “Lonely man” were warmly received by critics. He has never had as much fun as when he was making his films.

“I want to make black comedies because that’s life. It’s a dark, joyless comedy. Life is just a huge amount of pain, but at the same time it’s so absurd. I think if you don’t approach it from a certain comedic perspective, life can kill you. Some friends tell me that I’m obsessed with death. Maybe that’s true, but I don’t think I’m obsessed with it in a negative sense,” explained the designer.