The newly renovated KORLOFF boutique opened its doors in Dubai Mall. The jewellery house has now opened a monoboutique, which will be a sought-after destination for all lovers of rare and unique diamonds. During the opening of the renovated space, guests were presented the legendary mascot of Korloff Noir, a black diamond that brings good luck. It is listed in the Guinness Book of Records as the largest black diamond in the world and features the proprietary patented Korloff Cut by Belgian craftsmen.

It has been suggested that black diamonds were created by supernovae that exploded long before the origin of the solar system itself. They arrived on Earth afterwards, together with cosmic dust and meteorites. In nature, they are still extremely rare.

The legend of the jewellery house KORLOFF tells us that the black diamond Korloff Noir belonged to the noble Karloff-Sapojnikov family, who treasured it for generations. In 1978, the diamond was acquired by French entrepreneur and diamond merchant Daniel Payasseur, fascinated by the myth that it brings good fortune to its owner.