Rapper Eminem’s only biological daughter is trying her hand at fashion. On her podcast ‘Just a Little Shady’, she announced that she was launching her own casual clothing brand. Later, Hailie published a short video on her personal blog, giving her subscribers a glimpse into her new business. In the clip, she stressed that she has been working on the project for more than a year.

“I wanted to make sure that everything we put out would not only be extremely comfortable and cute, but would also be wearable,” she said, noting that she didn’t want her clothes to “look like merch.

Hailie described herself as a “rabid perfectionist” and admitted she talked to dozens of suppliers before finding the perfect fit for her brand. The debut collection will include basic hoodies, T-shirts, joggers and caps in neutral colours such as brown, black, white and cream. Prices for the items will range from $33 to $63.

Hailie Jade Scott applied for trademark registration last summer, according to Page Six. And in addition to advances in her career, there have been happy changes in her personal life. In February, she announced the engagement to boyfriend Evan McClintock, and in May, the bride and groom celebrated the upcoming wedding surrounded by close friends. By the way, Hailie’s famous father was not seen in the photo from the party.

In addition to Hayley’s own Jade, Eminem has two adopted daughters – Alaina and Whitney. Hailie was born on December 25, 1995 to Eminem’s ex-wife Kimberly Ann Scott and has been credited with multiple mentions of the act.