Fraudster Anna Delvey, who posed in the US as the heiress to a large fortune and was convicted, has announced the launch of The Anna Delvey Show podcast. According to Deadline, the series will air once a week. Audio Up will produce the project. The first trailer for the show even appeared on the company’s YouTube channel.

“With the overabundance of podcasts, I’m excited to offer something truly unique. Everyone wants to get to know the real Anna Delvey. Her story shook the world and guests were excited to meet her,” said producer Sean Glass.

Anna has already announced the guest list for the show. They will be: lead singer of Sunflower Bean Julia Cummings, comedian and showrunner of the sitcom Two Girls Are Broke, actress and model Julia Fox, playwright Jeremy Harris, model Emily Ratajkowski and others. The show is scheduled to be recorded at Delvey’s flat in the East Village. She is currently under house arrest there.

As part of the show, guests will discuss topics such as “Traditional notions of right and wrong”, “What it means to be a rule-breaker in 2023” and many others. Anna is delighted that she will finally have her own channel of communication to speak her mind.

“For the first time, I will have my own platform where I can share my personal views on the public’s passion for my life story in conversation with guests from various fields including business, media, entertainment, arts and more,” Delvey said.

In addition, one of the episodes of the podcast will premiere the rogue’s debut single. It was produced by CEO Jared Gutstadt. He has written songs for the TV series Pawnshop Stars and Glass. The release date for the first episode of the podcast is not yet known.

Earlier, Anna launched her own reality show. As part of the project, the con artist hosts dinner parties. Celebrities have been invited to them, including Madonna, Elon Musk, Serbian shareholder Marina Abramovic and others. And later it was revealed that Delvey would be lecturing at Harvard Business School.