Actress Jennifer Aniston has posted a video from the gym and wowed fans with her fitness. She shared the relevant video on social media. The actress put on a gym kit and performed exercises on different muscle groups under the supervision of a fitness instructor.

The leggings and top highlighted her trim figure, including her sculpted biceps and rock-hard abs. Jennifer thus promoted the Pvolve exercise programme. The star has been working with the project for about two years. The fitness programme combines functional movement with resistance equipment. Jennifer herself has been practicing the program, since she injured her back two years ago on the set of the film. The actress notes that Pvolve has helped her “strengthen and repair” her body. The actress has fallen so in love with the programme that she has recommended it to all her friends.

“I love finding something that really works and then sharing it with my friends. If I had known about this 20 years ago, when I first started working on my body, I would have avoided so much suffering.”

Jennifer herself approached the creator of the method, Rachel Katzman, about collaborating. She likes the fact that this programme is different to others, because many people are used to thinking that a workout must necessarily last at least an hour, and muscles must hurt.

“Our minds are used to thinking that we have to be in pain. If there is no pain, there is no benefit,” said the star.