Actress Eva Longoria is reverent about her family and rarely shares the details of her personal life with her fans. The star hardly ever goes out with her husband and does not show her son. However, she made an exception the day before.

Longoria appeared with Santiago Enrique Baston, her son, at an event. It was dedicated to the release of the movie Sizzling Hot. For the outing, Eva chose an elegant, classic look. She wore a black dress with a neckline. The star complemented the look with sandals and heels. At the event, the actress discussed the film. At that time, her son was sitting on her lap. Judging by the boy’s smile, he was happy with everything.

In 2016, Eva Longoria married businessman Jose Antonio Baston. Two years later they had a son. The star doesn’t like to put her personal life on display, so she hardly ever posts photos with family members on social media.

Eva recently gave an interview in which she said that the late pregnancy and long-awaited motherhood has completely changed her life. The star noted that she used to be the centre of the universe for herself. Longoria added that her son is very fond of gadgets. Therefore, on his devices for games is allocated a strictly defined time, which can not be changed or tears, and persuasion. Also, the star heir must always clean up after himself.