The chiseled figure of 54-year-old Jennifer Aniston is something to envy, but has it always been so? The actress elaborated on her lifestyle and daily routine in an interview with Cosmopilitan magazine. According to Aniston, she was not skinny when she was young and in the pursuit of a perfect body she learned to eat consciously and do her exercise routines.

“I was always a bit chubby, a bit round, and didn’t really care about my health and what was going on in my body,’ confessed Jen, who is now actively promoting a healthy lifestyle. – ‘I had everything I wanted and then an agent once hinted to me that I was a bit ‘chubby’. And let’s just say I became a lot more conscious of what I was eating and, for example, gave up egg salad or tuna fish sandwiches, fries, sauces and all the things I used to eat all the time as a teenager. And then I got really addicted to physical activity and conscious and healthy eating, and these habits evolve every year. These parameters are always in flux and changing: what’s good for you and what’s not.”

Jennifer went on to detail how her typical morning goes: the actress starts the day by grooming her skin and walking her dogs, then drinks a tablespoon of apple cider vinegar instead of breakfast and proceeds to meditate.

“I wake up. I wash my face, apply lotions and other potions. I chase the dogs outside. I feed the dogs. I drink a tablespoon of apple cider vinegar diluted with room temperature water, which I’ve started doing in the last couple of months – and it’s been a game changer! Then I meditate. And then I get stuck on my phone and go off into the virtual world,” the star said.

Aniston also revealed how often she exercises.

“There are different fitness programmes, it depends on the day and how I feel. Basically, I attend three or four workouts a week – that’s my norm.”

The other day Jennifer Aniston became the heroine of a fitness exercise commercial. In a new photo shoot, the actress once again showed off her trim figure.