The heiress to the famous German supermodel Heidi Klum, 19-year-old Leni has been making confident steps in the fashion industry since she was young. She has already worked with major global brands such as Dior and Intimissimi, becoming a household name and winning the affections of influential names in fashion. Most of the time, Lanie shares pictures from shoots and parties with her fans, in which she appears with a thick layer of makeup.

However, the other day, the model decided to make an exception and published a photo without makeup. The fact is that for years, the model is struggling with acne, relapses which previously made her feel uncomfortable.

“There were days when I just wanted to stay at home and not leave the house until my acne disappeared. Then I realised that I couldn’t live like that. I can’t have acne getting in the way of my lifestyle,” said Leni.

At the same time Leni Klum confessed that for several years she had been suffering from a popular stereotype in the modern world, according to which a person with rashes is not considered beautiful. According to Leni, it had a negative impact on her well-being and emotional state.

“I realised it’s not normal. After all, everyone goes through this. There is nothing wrong with having acne. Nobody is safe from them, it is hormonal,” explained the model during a conversation with journalists.

Now Leni publishes selfies that previously she would never have put on public display without fear. She had the support of her fans, who appreciated the model’s openness and supported her in her fight against the problem.

Recall that in August 2022, Leni moved from Los Angeles to New York to begin college there. In the metropolis, she lives with her boyfriend, hockey player Aris Raczewski. In October last year, Heidi Klum and her daughter starred in a new Intimissimi lingerie campaign – the two appeared in explicit images.