Igor Sergeev is a bright representative of a self-made man, who has achieved incredible success and recognition thanks to his extraordinary diligence, desire and dedication to his beloved work. Igor develops and realizes himself in many areas: entrepreneurship, PR, investing, mentoring, speaking, art, sports and that’s not all. He is the founder of international magazines, he records his own tracks with well-known sound producers, launches training courses and marathons for a multi-height audience, travels and shows by his example how important it is in the modern world to do what you love and develop your personal brand.

1. Igor Sergeev, also known as Papa Media and Istomin, is an expert with 13 years of experience in PR in Dubai. You are called the “Titan in the PR industry”. Tell us about your path and experience in the media sphere.

My career has always been devoted to the field of PR and marketing; I was interested in how these areas work, why certain people become popular and successful. Thanks to my work in the media niche, I managed to unravel and learn the secrets that famous people use to attract attention so that their product is more expensive; I learned how to work with clients, how to position myself correctly, how to pack a personal brand and a company brand so that everyone wants to buy from them.

2. At what stage of development is the media industry in Dubai now? How do you manage to stand out from the competition and take a leading position?

I moved to Dubai in 2015. In my opinion, it was and is now the center of the world, a multinational city with great opportunities, that attracts a large number of smart and purposeful, creative and bright people.

I understood that Dubai at the time of my move was sorely lacking a creative approach in the field of PR and marketing. Of course, there were large international companies, but each niche always requires professionals in their field. To date, Dubai has become one of the most popular places for relocation and business development, that has united people from all over the world.

3. How did you manage to become an expert who is written about by international media and invited as a speaker at the largest conferences?

At some point, I realized that I was ready to go on a larger scale of myself, my personal brand, my business, so I began to accept invitations to participate in events as a speaker and expert. I really like offline events, their atmosphere; they are always supported by the media and journalists from various popular publications. It is very important for me to share my experience and knowledge that have accumulated over many years of work in the media field,  that has found an incredible response and feedback from the audience. Participants always mark and single out my performances as one of the brightest and most informative.

4. Another Level is the largest business conference in Dubai, a transformational project, a reality show. What is Another Level for you personally?

For me, Another Level is a completely new story and stage in my life; it was thanks to this project that I was able to share one of my main thoughts and ideas. The team and I managed to bring together top experts, to enable all participants to reach a new level of thinking, income, awareness, environment, etc.

Another Level is a transition to a new reality with a new scale; this is a unique project that is already being implemented in other products, which I will talk about very soon.

I highly recommend watching my project “Another Level” to anyone not yet familiar with it and getting important and helpful insights.

5. What is the most popular PR request that clients come to you with? What do you focus on when working with clients?

The most frequent requests of my clients are related to how to become popular so that everyone knows about their product. My clients strive to become recognizable, raise their income level, get on the covers of the most popular publications.

Photographer: Katerina Metelskaya