Johnny Depp celebrated his 60th birthday on June 9, but the details of the celebration have only become known now. And if you were expecting news about the big party, we have to disappoint you: this time the actor celebrated his birthday with only three close friends, and they are all members of his band Hollywood Vampires, which is now on tour. According to People insider, Johnny joined Alice Cooper, Tommy Henriksen and Joe Perry for a modest dinner in an Istanbul restaurant between shows.

“He’s 60 years old. He’s on tour. He’s making a film. He can’t do what he was doing in his 20s. He takes care of himself. Everything in moderation,” said the informer. – There was no big grand party. He was celebrating his birthday in Istanbul. He was having dinner with his bandmates. He’s older now, but he’s still working. There was no point in having all the fun anymore. It’s a completely different life. He’s really busy.”

Depp’s fans, on the other hand, congratulated him earlier during one of his concerts – they sang the celebratory “Happy Birthday” in chorus.

Johnny Depp’s career is experiencing a second birth now. After thundering worldwide scandalous lawsuits with his ex-wife Amber Heard, the actor lost many contracts and faced this Hollywood “cancellation”. Now he not only returned to the cinema (the actor shone in the historic new film “Jeanne Dubarri”, shown at the 76th Cannes Film Festival), but also sold a whole collection of paintings of his authorship, and signed a contract for a fabulous amount with the fashion house Dior.