Summer is in full swing, and Sharon Stone continues to have a bet that she made with herself last August. Then the Hollywood star decided to lose weight and be in perfect shape by summer. Efforts have not been in vain – in May Stone showed the figure in a seductive bikini. And the day before recorded the results of almost daily training with a new photo. She shared it in social networks with a playful caption: “Happy summer”

The photo shows Sharon in a home environment. She is wearing a scarlet swimming costume with a deep neckline, jewellery in the form of several chains and seems to have no makeup at all. But it’s not just Stone’s perfect age-defying curves that caught the attention of subscribers, but also the contents of her fridge. Various drinks, juices, milk substitutes – this is the set that helps the actress to stay slim and trim.

However, the secret of this Stone has never made. On the contrary, openly said that she eats fruit in the morning, swims daily in the pool and trains four or five times a week, mixing different types of loads – from dancing and Pilates to yoga and strength training. This sports regime Stone is not just to keep herself in shape, but quite a forced measure. In 2001, the actress suffered a stroke, which almost cost her life – Sharon was clinically dead, and the recovery process took a long 7 years. During this time in Hollywood has already had time to forget about the merits of the star and stopped offering her work.