Actress Amanda Seyfried is promoting a new mini-series, Crowded Room, in which she plays one of the main roles. Ahead of the show’s release, the star gave an interview to The Wall Street Journal. In conversation with the journalist Amanda told about her unglamorous life on the farm, located in the town of Catskill in New York State. There the actress settled with her family and 34 animals.

In the country estate Seyfried spends time with her mother Anne Seyfried, her husband, actor Thomas Sadoski, and two children – six-year-old daughter Nina and two-year-old son Thomas. The famous actress’ farm is home to a variety of animals. There are 17 chickens and ducks, five goats, two horses, five mini horses, a pony, a donkey, a cat, a dog and a chicken.

“They are beautiful, simple creatures that just remind us what life is all about,” Amanda commented.

Seyfried claims that she personally feeds all of her pets herself every morning.

“I wake up, make coffee, feed my dog and warm milk for my son. At that time, I can sit for 45 minutes before I have to go feed the animals,” she said.

Seyfried noted that feeding animals – a rather difficult and tedious business. It takes the star almost an hour. Amanda said that for half an hour, while the pony eats, she rides a bicycle, jumping rope or lifting dumbbells. The actress herself is unpretentious in food, she eats the same thing for breakfast every day. Her favourite pastime is crocheting:

“I eat Daily Harvest granola every single day, soaking it overnight in milk. I like to think it’s the easiest breakfast possible. I also always make time for crochet. It’s my meditation. Right now I am finishing crocheting a skirt, it was really difficult but it turned out beautiful.”