The director of the cult film “Titanic” James Cameron is going to shoot a series about the recently sunken bathyscaphe “Titan”. The main role in the multi-part film may play Matt Damon. Insiders claim that one of the popular streaming services appealed to the filmmaker with a request to tell the story of the five people who died on the submersible last month. Incidentally, Cameron has an impressive diving background. He went to the wreck of the Titanic 30 times.

“The Titan disaster is already being considered as the subject of a TV series for one of the world’s biggest streaming services – and James is the frontrunner to direct. It’s a subject close to his heart. He has told the story of the Titanic with such compassion that it would be a natural fit for him to take on this endeavour.  To follow the actions of those who were on board the Titan is a massive undertaking, it would take a lot of time, money and resources,” the insider revealed.

James has been following the situation closely since the beginning of the dramatic events in the Atlantic. Some experts gave the relatives of the passengers false hope, while the filmmaker claimed to be sceptical. Cameron pointed out that he had made dives in the Mir deep-sea submersibles of the research vessel Akademik Keldysh. At the same time, the Titan is essentially homemade. It belonged to a private firm and was not certified. The safety of the vessel has been questioned before.

Recall, the deep-sea vehicle “Titan” made a dive to the wreckage of the “Titanic”. He disappeared on 18 June. On its board were British-Pakistani businessman Shahzada Dawood and his 19-year-old son Suleman, French scientist and diver Paul-Henri Narjole, British billionaire Hamish Harding, as well as Stockton Rush – founder of OceanGate Expeditions, which owned the ship. On 22 June, US authorities confirmed that the ship had sunk. All the people inside it were killed. It turned out that the bathyscaphe was torn apart by water pressure, the tourists had no chance of rescue.