L’Oréal Paris introduced a new global ambassador. It became supermodel Kendall Jenner. Representatives of the cosmetics giant announced this on social media, publishing images of the new campaign. The brand noted that the choice fell on Jenner not only because of her modelling merits, but also because of her personality, success in entrepreneurship, and the sisterhood she embodies.

“As part of a family led by a strong woman who has blazed a new trail and changed the definition of success for today’s world, Kendall Jenner is an example of solidarity,” L’Oréal Paris said in a statement.

Kendall Jenner will take up her duties as the brand’s ambassador in September this year. In an interview with Vogue India, the 27-year-old model revealed that she was happy to accept the partnership offer from one of her favourite cosmetics brands.

“Becoming an ambassador for L’Oréal Paris means joining the ranks of the many wonderful women who have been with the brand for years and helping to build female solidarity. It is a sisterhood that unites women of all ages and lifestyles and promotes an inclusive and diverse vision of beauty.”

The star emphasised that she wants to encourage all women to feel stronger and more confident through her work. Kendall also shared her top facial care secret, which is to moisturise regularly and use sunscreen. This helps the skin stay healthy and fresh. When going out in the sun, the model highly recommends hiding your face under a hat even after applying SPF protection.