“Another Level” is the largest business forum of 2023, that took place on February 11 in Dubai. Market leaders from various business niches (Igor Sergeev, Alexandra Mitroshina, Yulia Yakovleva, Mikhail Dashkiev, Helen Yes, Danil Matukhno, Pavel Gitelman, Nelli Armani) performed for an audience of thousands of people in online and offline formats on the main stage of BLU DUBAI V HOTEL. Yulia Yakovleva is a coach and consultant psychologist. She became one of the forum experts.

Yulia revealed three insights on the topic “How to speak with words through your mouth”. In her speech, Yulia emphasized the importance of self-love and the feeling unique. As soon as each person learns to feel, accept and feel their emotions, then he will begin to understand other people.

In Yulia’s opinion, we perceive and let through any facts and words sent to us, interpreting them from our point of view, using our own experience. Often we label them, instead of understanding their essence and taking from them only the most necessary for us. These actions prevent us from knowing the truth and what actually happened and was meant. Julia recommended that all participants look at the fact from the outside and evaluate it as if it did not happen to us.

Julia received incredible feedback from the audience, as well as a huge amount of positive comments. All participants were impressed by the scale of the event, the professionalism and composition of experts, as well as the unique format of intellectual battles, in which all forum speakers took part.