In the modern world we are surrounded by a huge amount of information that inspires, educates, motivates, allows us to relax and escape from the daily routine. And here everyone chooses what he likes. Favorite bloggers who seem to become a part of our life, close acquaintances, whom we are interested in watching, learning something useful and living together all the events and moments of our lives. Elena Motova is a popular Russian-speaking blogger. She shared her thoughts about blogging, its role and importance in life, inspiration and motivation.

1.Elena Motova is a popular Russian-speaking blogger; she received five awards for the best blog about inspiration and motivation in 2023, and also entered the top 100 successful women in Europe. Elena, what does blogging mean to you personally? What message are you trying to convey to your audience with your blog?

Blogging is my life and my mission. I try to convey to the audience the importance of self-development in life, the ability to correctly set goals and achieve them. In my opinion, the decree is the best time for development, searching for yourself and your destiny. I try to show by my personal example that you can live in a small village, earn millions and travel.

2. What is the most unusual comment under the publication left by your subscribers?

The most unusual comment left by subscribers is: “Really rich people do not boast about vacations abroad. This is usually done by those who want to lure them into network crap.”

3. Many people find great motivation and strength to achieve their goals thanks to your blog. What motivates you personally?

I myself am the main motivator for myself. I have many desires and I want to fulfill them. I don’t wait for someone to hand me my dream on a silver platter. I am an adult, I achieve everything myself, I study a lot. I am even more motivated and inspired by what I do from the fact that everything is easy for me. Children also motivate me; I really want them to live in abundance. I also have great support from family and friends.

4. How do you think you can keep the interest and loyalty of the audience?

I think one of the most important and effective method is to give people a benefit and use humor. Do not deceive your audience, because they feel it very well. Even I, as a subscriber of other bloggers, feel when they lie to me. Show your life, but without the tedious and uninteresting routine.

5. Why is it important for every person to engage in self-development? What will it give him in the future?

A person becomes more adaptive to changing conditions of life and adapts more easily to new situations, being engaged in self-development. Also all areas of his life improve thanks to self-improvement. It will be very difficult for a person who does not engage in self-development to live in new realities and find himself and his destiny in the future.

6. What inspires you to blog?

First of all, I am inspired by my audience that is looking forward to benefit from me, new practices, and motivation! I’m also inspired by the audience that loves to give me advice when I ask for their opinion (well, sometimes I don’t).

We thank Elena for the interview and wish her to always find motivation and inspiration for her blogging.