Speeches by top experts from different business niches, success stories and invaluable experience, intellectual battles, answers to questions from the audience, useful contacts, effective communication and more, awaited the participants of the forum “Another Level”, that was the main business event of 2023 in Dubai.

Ekaterina Karpenko was one of the top speakers of the forum. Ekaterina is the Master of Psychology, hypnotherapist, sexologist. Irina revealed the theme of manifestation through the stage in her speech. A strong and manifest speaker must have the strength of will, spirit and mind for a successful performance on stage. Strength is about what drives us. Strength is the ability to look into our fears and limitations, attitudes and programs that do not allow us to fully manifest. Considering in the context of the stage: if we do not have enough strength, then we do not have enough power and we cannot control the attention of the audience.

Ekaterina Karpenko

Igor Sergeev is the organizer and speaker of the forum “Another Level”. He is a PR expert, businessman, popular blogger, the singer Istomin, founder of the magazines “Dubai People” and “Wow Magazine”. Igor revealed the topic of a personal brand in his speech and also gave advice on how to properly build the foundation of a personal brand. One of the main insights of Igor’s speech is “progressive growth leads to great results”. That is why development, consistency and a meaningful approach in all areas of your life are so important.

Igor Sergeev

Mikhail Dashkiev is a methodologist, entrepreneur, founder of educational platforms. He spoke about the keys to reaching a new level. Mikhail is convinced that a big breakthrough to a new level occurs only when you are ready to see the truth about yourself as you really are; when you can look at yourself from the outside and build such relationships with other people in whom you are ready to hear what they have to say about you.

Mikhail Dashkiev

Business Forum “Another Level” is an unique concept, scale and professional team, thanks to which all its participants were able to get insider information from top experts and incredible motivation to reach a new level and move forward towards achieving their goals.