The main business forum of 2023 “Another Level” brought together top speakers from various business areas on its stage: an incredible scale, more than a thousand participants in the hall, the most relevant topics, networking and effective communication, the opportunity to get an answer to your question from experts, invaluable knowledge and experience and that’s not all.

Yulia Yakovleva was one of the top speakers of the forum. She is a coach and consultant psychologist. In her speech, Julia highlighted a very important topic: “How to speak with words through your mouth?”. For each person It is necessary not only to hear, but also to listen to others. All people are different! And if they are different from you, they are not better or worse, they are different. That is why it is so important to accept the uniqueness and individuality of each person.

It is also very important to talk about your true desires, emotions and feelings, because it is the ability to speak out and accept also from another person that will be the solution to any conflict.

Yulia Yakovleva

Alexandra Mitroshina devoted her speech to the topic of selling warm-ups on Instagram. The main components of a successful warm-up before the start of any sales are building a trusting and warm relationship with your audience, as well as warming up to your personality on the blog. This is what makes them the most effective. Alexandra advised all forum participants to share stories and events from their lives, reflections, goals and their implementation, answers to questions, relationships with other people in order to get closer to their audience.

Alexandra Mitroshina

Igor Sergeev is a founder and organizer of the forum “Another Level”. He is the top PR expert, founder of the PR company “Papa Media”, singer Istomin, Editor-in-Chief of magazines “Dubai People” and “Wow Magazine”, winner of the Influencers Awards for his significant contribution to the development of media business in Dubai. Igor revealed the topic of developing and promoting of a personal brand, creating its code and foundation. One of the main insights of Igor’s speech is that any personal brand is about a person. It is important to build a personal brand, not a brand of a person. The foundation of a successful personal brand is built on personal and professional expertise, hobbies and interests, as well as sociality.

Igor Sergeev

All experts took part in the intellectual battles in a completely new format: they answered the moderator’s questions, as well as questions from online participants and participants from the hall in just one minute. This format was liked by all forum participants and was appreciated in the form of incredible feedback and support, positive comments and unceasing applause, which the audience supported each speaker.