Madonna’s daughter Lourdes Leon took part in an advertising campaign for Australian clothing brand Dion Lee. The star posed completely nude for the shoot. The 26-year-old singer and model tried on leather boots, brand accessories and bags, wearing them as clothes. The new collection is called Cage Chain. The line includes clothing, bags, shoes and jewellery, complete with the brand’s signature chain. The products are custom-made in Arezzo, Italy, and are a trademark of the brand.

Lourdes Leon followed in the footsteps of her famous mother. In addition to modelling, she has embarked on a music career. The star recently released her debut single “Lock & Key”. In an interview with The Face magazine, Lourdes complained about a strong attraction to men that distracts her from her work. She called it “my curse”.

“My biggest sin is my love for men. It’s a real curse. If I could avoid men altogether, I would, because they are so distracting.”

As a reminder, Madonna was recently admitted to the hospital. Throughout the night she was unable to breathe on her own due to complications caused by a serious bacterial infection. After a while, the star went on the mend. She published a new post on social media and talked about how her children looked after her.

The performer showed pictures with David Banda and Lourdes Leon. According to Madonna, the children showed themselves in a completely different way during her illness. When the singer was in hospital, her heirs presented her with an Andy Warhol-made photograph of Keith Haring wearing a jacket with Michael Jackson. Madonna wrote that after receiving the gift, she “realised how lucky she was to be alive”.