Singer Erykah Badu has shamed her colleague Beyoncé for copying one of the singer’s main stylistic “chips” – trying on a metallic silver hat with wide brim during one of the concerts of the Renaissance world tour.

“Hmmm…,” Erykah wrote on her personal blog. – I seem to be everyone’s stylist.”

After the singer went to the comments section under a photo of Beyoncé wearing a “metal” hat.

“Flattered,” Badu quipped.

Fans of “Queen B” immediately rose to the defence of the idol.

“Erykah more than anyone else should know that artists like Beyoncé have a lot of stylists who carefully work on her images. Whenever things look similar or look inspired by something, it’s rarely directly related to the artist.”

“Erykah Badu thinks she invented tall, wide-brimmed hats…lol.”

“It’s just a hat. She’s not the first, only or last black woman from Texas to wear a hat while performing.”

“Yes, they are wide-brimmed hats, but they don’t look alike at all. Beyoncé wears the “samurai” model and Erica wears the “pilgrim” model. Erykah, honey, calm down,” they wrote.

 In February this year Erykah Badu gave a great interview to Vogue and told the publication about how she created her unusual and very recognisable style. The singer confessed that she never knew about fashion and always picked up images only on an intuitive level.