Will Smith has recently became a guest on American comedian Kevin Hart’s talk show “Heart to Heart”, which is broadcast on the Peacock streaming service, and joined a frank conversation about how world fame has affected his family and in particular his children – Jaden and Willow, who, having grown up, have become almost more famous than their star parents. Both began building careers in show business in the early 2010s. Now on the account of brother and sister already on several studio albums, the first lines of music charts and prestigious profile awards. Jaden Smith also tried his hand at acting, playing in the film “Karate Kid” with Jackie Chan.

Jaden Smith

“2010 was my greatest year as both an artiste and a parent. “Karate Kid” came out in June, “Whip My Hair” (Willow’s song and music video – ed.) came out in October. I was building this dream of a family that I had in my head. I was going to do it better than my dad. I’ve talked about this before, my father was abusive. … And I told myself that my family would never have that kind of detrimental energy, and I had this dream, this idea of a family that I was building. From 2010 to 2012, I achieved pretty much everything I ever dreamed of. It was beyond my wildest dreams,” the actor said. – However, with the advent of success, no one in my family was happy. No one wanted to be on the team. Willow was the first one to start a rebellion and it was the first time I realised that success and money didn’t mean happiness. Up until that point, I really believed that you could succeed on your own path – get a house and a family – and work your way to happiness.”

Willow Smith

However, Smith admitted that he is still trying to figure out what simple human happiness really is.

“That was my first setback, and I thought, ‘OK, what am I missing?’ That’s when I started reading and studying psychology and how it relates to human happiness. I was never unhappy, I loved life – but I was interacting with the people around me in such a way that I was leaving scorched earth behind me.”