Irish singer Sinead O’Connor tragically died on 26 July 2023. The body of the performer was found in her home in London. About the causes of death is still not known. One of the versions was that the star did not cope with the loss of the child. In January 2022, her 17-year-old son Neviim Shane committed suicide. The star even tried to commit suicide. However, she was able to be saved.

While still alive, Sinead O’Connor managed to release a candid memoir called “Rememberings”. Insiders revealed that in private conversations with people in the industry, she was seriously considering getting involved in writing the script for the biopic. She even mentioned three stars who could play her. The singer wanted Demi Moore to take the lead role. The singer also wanted Irish actresses Sirsha Ronan and Niamh Algar to join Moore in playing her at different stages of her life.

“She had a huge respect for Demi and also thought Niamh was a huge talent after seeing her in the TV series ‘Alien Sins’. Sinead also loved Sirsha for her role in the 2015 film Brooklyn, where she played an Irish migrant,” says the source.

It is specified that O’Connor was “leaning towards a triptych-style film that would be a reference to the Father, Son and Holy Spirit of the Roman Catholic Church”.

‚ÄúSinead was keen to turn her memoir into a film about herself, and she had a lot of ideas about how it would look on screen,” the insider said.

The performer’s funeral took place on 8 August. Many fans travelled to the Irish coastal town of Bray, located near Dublin. This is where the iconic singer’s home is located, where she lived for 15 years. During the farewell procession, the hearse with the star’s body, strewn with flowers, drove past crowds of fans. Many of them could barely hold back tears. Fans held campaign posters that focused on Sinead’s activism. In addition to her musical career, O’Connor was famous for her provocative feminist statements.