This isn’t the first time Angelina Jolie has brought her child into the entertainment industry. Pax and Maddox acted as her assistants on the set of the film “Without Blood”, which took place in Italy last year, and now 15-year-old Vivienne has joined the show business. The girl will assist the star mother in the preparation of the Broadway musical “The Outsiders” based on the novel of the same name by American writer Susan Hinton in 1967.

“Viv reminds me of my mother in that her focus is not on being in the spotlight, but on supporting other creatives,’ Jolie stressed in an official statement, referring to her mother and Vivienne’s grandmother, Marcheline Bertrand, who worked as an actress and producer for the rest of her life (she passed away in 2007). – “She is very thoughtful and serious about theatre and is working hard to better understand how to contribute.”

An insider in the film star’s entourage also noted that Vivienne “fell in love” with the musical adaptation of Hinton’s novel at first sight after escorting her mother to its world premiere in San Diego, California earlier this year. Taking on the role of lead producer of the production, Angelina decided to take on the role after meeting the author of the work in person.

“Angelina has been taking her daughter Vivienne to the theatre since she was a little girl. Angelina and Vivienne met Susan Hinton, who was about the same age as Vivienne when she wrote the novel,” the informant explained.

Another source close to Jolie revealed Angelina’s motivation: the star hopes the musical will “resonate with young people.”

“She wants to make sure the team listens to young people and works with them every step of the way, and that their voices play a leading role in bringing this production to life on Broadway.”