Several media outlets have reported that Kate Middleton will star in a music video by famous DJ Jax Jones (real name Timuchin Lam). According to the Daily Mail, the Princess of Wales and the musician agreed to collaborate after he became an ambassador for Prince William’s wife’s early childhood support project Shaping Us.

“I’m in talks with Kate’s team to create a special visual for my shows with her dancing,” the DJ told the publication.

According to the musician, Kate will appear in a cameo role. Despite this, Jak assures that there is a lot of work to be done before filming.

“You can not just take a phone with a camera and shoot Kate. She has a big crew, so you have to do it right,” DJ stated.

Jones added that if possible he would like to film Prince William in the clip as well:

“Ideally I’d like to film both Kate and Will as they’re just dancing to the beat. But if it’s just Kate, that’s more than cool too.”

As a reminder, Middleton founded the Royal Foundation’s Early Years Centre in 2021. This year, the princess unveiled her new Shaping Us programme. She calls it a “life’s work”. The programme aims to highlight the critical importance of early childhood and how it shapes the adults we become.