Ethan Hawke and his daughter from Uma Thurman Maya starred for the new issue of Variety. The celebrity family decided to give an extended interview. Maya and Ethan talked to journalists on the occasion of the release of the joint film “Wildcat”. The father acted as a director, and his daughter played the main role and was a producer. The relatives touched on the subject of nepo babies. The term refers to the children of stars who make a career out of their parents’ popularity. Hawke stated that it was Maya who made the decision for him to direct the film.

“Simply put, I’m a nepo dad. And I’m not ashamed of it,” he told reporters.

Maya said that while working on the film, she sometimes felt insecure.

“My father has been a big teacher for me. We want to work together. We like being with each other,” she said.

Ethan added that he understands viewers’ criticism of the privileged children of stars. He believes it is important for everyone to voice their opinions and accept objective criticism. The actor said that many people warned that the decision to make a joint film would cause resentment:

‘If someone wants to criticise us for working together, that’s perfectly fair. You have to let people express their opinions. And then you have to try to do your job well if you start doing something.”

Recall, Ethan Hawke and Maya’s mother Uma Thurman met on the set of the 1997 sci-fi thriller “Gattaca”. Soon the lovers got married. In 2003, they broke up. In 2005, the ex-spouses officially divorced. Maya also has a 21-year-old younger brother Levon, who is also engaged in an acting career.