After a four-year hiatus from films and the Writers Guild strike still going on in Hollywood, 33-year-old actress Emma Watson seems to have decided to reassure herself and change careers. However, not dramatically. As it became known to The Sun, the star of “Harry Potter” has entered Oxford on a course on writing, and in two years she will be able to write as well as Joanne Rowling. Training, which includes two guided retreats and one research internship, will cost the actress in 200 thousand pounds sterling. But the personal presence of Watson in the classroom will not require – to learn Emma will be online, and appear within the walls of the alma mater, she will have to only at the credits and exams. This is only four or five times a year.

However, there is one more interesting point – Emma’s fellow students will not be young guys and girls, but people in years.

“This course is designed for older people. The course is suitable for part-time study, which is perfect for Emma’s schedule. And because she is a famous actress, she will be watched by security whenever she goes to class,” The Sun quoted its insider as saying.

The publication also reported that university officials have been alerted that the actress will be attending classes with a small team of security guards. The actress was forced to beef up security after a recent attack on her by stalker Chad Michael Busto, who had previously stalked Drew Barrymore. During New York Fashion Week, the man tried to break into Watson’s dressing room, after which he was arrested.

Recall, the last time on the big screens Emma Watson was seen in 2019 in the film “Little Women” directed by Greta Gerwig. In 2020, she starred in a special episode of the Harry Potter franchise “Harry Potter 20 Years Later: Return to Hogwarts”.