American actress Jennifer Aniston starred for the cover of the new issue of CR Fashion Book magazine. The 54-year-old star posed in front of photographers in a stylish look – leather bra, trousers, tie and cropped white Valentino shirt. Aniston posted the photos on social media and thanked the film crew. She recognised the work of the stylists, make-up artists and photographer, as well as the magazine’s founder Carine Roitfeld. Jennifer wrote that working with her “was her dream come true.”

The actress also gave the publication an interview. She talked to journalists and shared the secrets of how she manages to keep a great physical shape. Jennifer noted that the main thing is to stick to the right diet and often do sports. Aniston also added that it is very important to sleep a lot.

“This last point is a challenge for me, but it is very important. I feel it when I don’t get enough rest,” she said.

The film diva believes that it is important to shield oneself from negativity:

“I try to be very careful about what I let into my free space. Our world is really going through some difficulties and I know we’re all very concerned about it, but sometimes I think we need to switch off the noise.”

Jennifer recently revealed that she finds it hard to have new romances. The star of the TV series “Friends” noted that the reason for this was the difficult relationship of parents. Aniston noted that she herself also has a difficult character. However, recently the film diva went on a date. She spent the evening in the company of businessman Chris Dixon.