Brooklyn Beckham and Nicola Peltz want to repeat the success of their parents and become one of the most influential star couples. The lovers plan to film a reality show about their lives. According to The Mirror, they were inspired by the premiere of a documentary about David Beckham. As an insider from the couple’s entourage told the publication, the couple are “passionate” about demonstrating their love story in a way that is not shown in the media.

They do not plan to involve their families in the filming. One of their goals is to “create their own brand, like the Posh and Beckham of the Millennial generation.” According to the source, the couple is now going through the options of who to start collaborating with. The young couple are already interested in the streaming service Netflix.

“They are keen to show their real relationship behind the headlines. The extended family will not be involved. Their goal is to present themselves as their own brand,” insiders report.

In the Beckham documentary, Victoria recalled David’s infidelity 20 years ago. The footballer had an affair with Madrid assistant Rebecca Loos. Beckham’s mistress herself admitted to the relationship, as she was afraid of criticism from fans of the athlete. After the incident, Victoria and David did not part. They blamed the girl for what happened.

“People assume that attention was something I craved, but it wasn’t. Strangers were pointing fingers at me. I couldn’t go on dates because I thought, “Oh my God, what has he read about me?”. I’d get nasty looks thrown at me in shops. I would walk into a restaurant and hear wives telling their husbands, ‘Don’t look’ and hugging them like I was going to steal them,” the girl said.