Angelina Jolie is now busy working on a new film. The actress is starring in the biographical film “Maria”, which tells the story of the legendary singer Maria Callas. In the network appeared the first shots from the tape. They were published by the director of the biopic Pablo Larraín. He is called a master of telling human stories – the filmmaker is the author of paintings “Jackie”, “Count” and “Spencer”. Now the director planned to reproduce the story of an American woman of Greek origin, who conquered the whole world with her voice.

On one of the frames Angelina appeared in an elegant hat. In another photo, the heroine of the Hollywood star is captured at the moment of mental turmoil. Filming of the tape is already actively going on. It is assumed that the production process will take about eight weeks. The picture tells about the last days of the opera singer. Maria Callas died in Paris in 1977 at the age of 53 years. The star hardly appeared in public in the last years of her life. She suffered from a rare disease called dermatomyositis, which affects connective tissue and smooth muscle.

“I am incredibly excited to begin filming “Maria.” This film will introduce audiences around the world to the remarkable life and work of Maria Callas thanks to the excellent script by Steven Knight, the work of the entire cast and crew, and especially the brilliant work of Angelina and her extraordinary preparation,” Deadline quoted Pablo Larraín as saying.