Paris Hilton has long since stopped being just a socialite. She became a family woman, enjoys motherhood and raising her son. However, the star has not disappeared from the media space. The celebrity continues to flicker on the front pages of the world’s media. The other day Paris appeared on “The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon”. Hilton told that she plans to return to the music industry.

The record will be produced by Sia. The title of the release and approximate release date are currently unspecified. The first single from the album is already being prepared for premiere. The song is called “Lighter.” Paris wrote it together with DJ and producer Steve Aoki. Already this week the track will appear on streaming platforms. Speaking about working with the American DJ, she noted:

“He’s so cool. We’ve been friends for twenty years. I love him so much.”

The forthcoming album will be a follow-up to Hilton’s 2006 debut “Paris”. It included the hit single “Stars Are Blind.” For it, she released a new version earlier this year called “Stars Are Blind (Paris’ Version)”. In addition, a remix was released in June, with Kim Petras contributing to the recording.

It looks like Paris is serious about regaining her popularity. There will be a film about the socialite too. It has recently emerged that the company A24 has undertaken to film the star’s memoirs. The project is in the very early stages of development, because A24 just bought the rights to the book.