Meghan Markle hasn’t given up hope of conquering Hollywood. Now the wife of Prince Harry wants to sign a “multi-million dollar deal”. She plans to record podcasts again after a bad experience with streaming service Spotify. According to the Mirror, Markle is set to sign a contract with Amazon’s partner Audible. Insiders claim that this will help her achieve her desired goals.

“Industry insiders say it will result in a huge payout – even bigger than the millions spent by Spotify. Meghan is thrilled to be in the company of Michelle and Barack Obama, who signed with Audible in 2022,” the insider said.

Mirror journalists claim Markle has high hopes for the deal. She is confident and believes that the new project will lead her to success.

“Meghan seems very confident at the moment, but the reality is that she finds herself in a pretty desperate position. Losing her Spotify deal was a huge blow to her, not to mention her ego. She’s been completely lost since then, but this deal could change everything,” the insider claims.

Sources say the project could either save the monarch couple’s situation or completely sink their reputation. If the launch of the podcast series fails a second time, no one will believe “they can create content” anymore.