In an interview with the magazine Victoria admitted that the idea of a fashion business turned out to be a long game. And only after 15 years her clothing brand Victoria Beckham and cosmetics brand Victoria Beckham Beauty stopped being unprofitable and began to bring the owner a profit. Despite the fact that a couple of years ago the company could have gone into a £6 million deficit, the business is now back on its feet.

“This is just the beginning. I have a lot of ambition and work hard to achieve my goals. I never expect things to fall out of the sky on me. This year we have turned a profit! Now that I’ve laid the foundation, we can start the real work,” says Victoria.

While Victoria’s investors are predicting great year-end reports, the star is posing for French Vogue in an unusual look for herself – with a soft smile on her face and with frankly naked legs. Always strict and literally iron gaze was suddenly replaced by a soft half-smile and naively rolled eyes. Victoria herself commented on it as follows:

“Before the era of social media, when I was constantly in the crosshairs of the paparazzi, the media built this image of me as ‘always out of sorts and never smiling’. That’s what people were told and what they believed. When I mentally go back to the days of the Spice Girls and everything the media put me through, I can see how it really affected me. I’m not comfortable with that image, sometimes it’s really annoying to be someone who’s always in a bad mood,” Beckham admitted.

Victoria’s new image can be appreciated in her social networks.