Geri’s mood colour is almost always white! And we must admit that it suits her perfectly, which is evident in the latest photo shoot for a London magazine. In her social networks Geri pleased her fans with a cheerful video with backstage, where she poses for the photographer in three different white images.

As the first outfit, the singer chose a lace dress with transparent sleeves, which turned her into a snow-white angel. Even Geri’s pose hinted at the fact that it was as if she had invisible wings at the back. The second bow continued the “angel” story and specifically hinted at one of Charlie’s Angels in lace tights and killer high heel boots.

The iconic Marilyn Monroe look was not to be missed either – for this, Geri donned an elegant gown, stretching an airy train behind her. The luxurious look was completed with pearl jewellery. Fans will see all three looks in the latest issue of Country & Town House this coming Wednesday.

The fact remains that after all these years in the glory days of Spice Girls, Geri is in top form, her hair glistening with luscious red and her eyes shining with sparkle.