Anne Hathaway at the CFDA Fashion Awards gave a nod to the nostalgia of the noughties. Her outfit, made entirely of denim, seemed to pay tribute to an era that can be characterised by the phrase from Britney Spears’ song: “Hit me, baby, one more time!”.

Anne Hathaway was the host of the ceremony, so it’s no wonder her look was so memorable. The use of trendy denim is a change from the satin and silk looks that have become traditional for fashionable ceremonies. The actress wore a corset top and maxi skirt with a luxurious Ralph Lauren hemline, which were embellished with a boiled floral print. The jewellery – a scattering of diamonds around her neck – was responsible for the elegance and luxury in Anne’s look.

Being the host of the event, Anne could not limit herself to one image, so she spent the second part of the evening in a super trendy fire-red dress decorated with fabric poppies, voluminous roses and black beadwork. And the loose curls were replaced by a neat hairstyle with released strands near her face.

Given that Britney is now on the next round of fame with the release of her memoirs, stars are competing for attention to her persona: choosing her Halloween looks or making more elegant references to the trendsetter of the noughties – that’s exactly what Anne did.