The role of women in the modern world is changing and growing every day: women manage to conquer peaks in their careers, do business, be strong, self-sufficient and responsible, combining this with caring for family and children, self-development, sports and self-care.

A successful, bright businesswoman and caring mother of four beautiful children Sofya Shamuzova shared her story of a strong woman in our interview.

1. If you were asked to describe yourself from the outside, what would you call your life path?

I would call my life path that began in a wonderful and loving family, interesting, happy, varied and full of pleasant surprises. I was lucky enough to meet only honest, worthy and wonderful people at different stages of my life.

Every day I wake up looking forward to what new and interesting life will bring me today.

2. Why did you choose Dubai as your place to live? What pros and cons can you highlight?

The first time I visited Dubai was when I was twenty. I worked for a company selling cell phones in Kazakhstan, and the purpose of my trip was to search for suppliers and study the local market in this area.

One of the most memorable memories of that trip for me was a trip to the beach: from the windows of the bus in which I was traveling, I saw a gorgeous young girl in a convertible, who was wearing a chic white hat. I fell in love with this image and at that very moment I promised myself to succeed, to conquer this beautiful city and stay in it.

Then everything happened by itself: my boyfriend was in Dubai, and I moved with him, started my own business here and stayed. In my opinion, home is where your family is. At the moment, my family is in Dubai, which means my home is here too.

For me personally, Dubai is magical, unreal, expensive, beautiful, very dynamic and motivating. This is the city with the highest level of service.

3. Why did you choose building and real estate as your business?

In fact, the choice of field of activity has nothing to do with my education or initial desire. I followed the market, trends and tendencies, studied the least popular areas of business, found the appropriate staff and brought them to a high level of service and made an affordable price for the products. It so happened that during the period of my formation as a specialist and businesswoman, it was precisely these three areas that fell: real estate, building and production.

4. Describe your day. What can’t you imagine your day without?

My day starts at five in the morning with a conference with a factory located in China (we have a four-hour time difference), then I drink a cup of tea with milk and move on to a new day in a great mood.

Following the schedule I go to various meetings with partners and suppliers, and always visit my office. On certain days I go to sites that are currently under construction. As a rule, I only have a full meal in the evening: dinner with my partners or my close friends.

Every day is always passes in a crazy rhythm. I am never seen without a mobile phone in my hands. If possible, I prefer to spend my evening by going to a beautiful, interesting place with a pleasant company, and only then I devote time to my family and children: lullabies, chatting with older children. I also finish all the current tasks that can be done using my phone, before going to bed.

5. How do you manage to combine a successful career, family and caring for children?

In fact, I don’t even know how I do it, but I believe that I have achieved success in each of these areas: I have amazing children who are grateful to me as a mother. For me, this is the greatest praise: my children are always with me; we support each other, consult, and exchange positive energy.

I am also successful in all areas of my business, but I often face a lack of time, so I have to cut down my personal time in favor of career-related issues.

6. Is discipline and self-development important to you?

Discipline and self-development are very important to me. In the modern world, everything is changing at an incredible speed, and if you get off at one of the stations on the train called “Self-Education”, then you are unlikely to have time to jump on it at the next stage, so I consider it obligatory to study all the innovations in different areas of our life: crypto currencies, social networks, new markets, etc..

I believe it is extremely necessary to educate yourself in terms of the geopolitical situation in the world, the work of your micromarket and competitors, and also constantly train your team and employees.

Self-discipline is also important to me, but sometimes I allow myself to rest a little and be lazy.

7. Do you have free time that you can devote to yourself? What kind of holiday do you prefer?

I truly love the time and those moments that I can devote to myself. As a rule, this is a beach or mountain vacation, sports, going to places where you can get real gastronomic pleasure.

8. You are a very stylish person. Do you have stylists or is this your hobby?

At the moment I do not have any stylists; I prefer to make my own looks and create unique designs for clothes, shoes and underwear. I like to follow fashion trends, so I always try to follow all the new products in the world of fashion and design, scrolling through fashion pages on social networks, pages of world brands in order to generate new ideas and create my own masterpieces.

We wish Sofya prosperity in all areas of her business and remember to find time for herself.