Actress Anne Hathaway, star of How to Be a Princess and The Devil Wears Prada, has shared how she was prophesised that her career would collapse due to age-related changes. Today, Anne is 41 years old and has been taking plenty of sexy pics as she poses for the cover of the new issue of Porter magazine.

“When I started my acting journey as a child, I was warned that my career would ‘fall off a cliff’ at the age of 35, and that’s what I hear from a lot of women.”

Anne goes on to say that other times have come:

‘Things have changed in that time and more and more women are pursuing careers at their advanced age, which I think is fantastic.’

In one photo, Ann wore a lace bra without boning and showed off her slim figure in a stylish black suit. In another photo, the actress tried on a denim jacket, which she pinched with pliers for effect. Hathaway also revealed that she always strives to set high goals for herself:

‘I’ve always been frank about the fact that I’m an ambitious person. I have goals, I have dreams, they’re not much different from when I was younger, but I still follow them.’

On her personality, Anne added:

‘Being funny seems like a bigger risk than being sincere because I think my sense of humour is different from what people imagine. One of the reasons I feel extra pressure is that I trust sincerity.’