Actress, singer and businesswoman Paris Hilton, 42, made an unexpected surprise to fans – she posted a photo of a pink jumpsuit for her newborn baby on her personal blog and signed:

‘Thankful for my daughter London!’

Paris initially confused fans by not telling them whether she was expecting a baby or whether the baby had already been born, so the socialite clarified in a comment that her daughter had already been born, writing:

‘My princess has arrived!’

Paris already has a child, son Phoenix, with husband Carter Reum, 42. The baby boy was born in January this year from a surrogate mother.

The baby girl’s name has raised questions among many, as it seems too unusual. However, it has an explanation. Once live on her podcast, Hilton revealed that she would choose the name London if she ever had a daughter.

“I’m very excited that Phoenix will one day have a little sister named London. It’s my favourite city and I’ve always wanted to name my daughter London,” she said.

So the blonde star, who was named after the French capital, clearly wants to keep the tradition of naming her children after world capitals alive.