Jennifer Lopez, 54, announced on Monday that her ninth studio album “This Is Me… Now” will be released on 16 February 2024. “This Is Me… Now” is the conceptual follow-up to 2002’s “This Is Me… Then” album, which Lopez dedicated to Affleck.

It’s J.Lo’s first full-length solo album in nearly a decade. But fans won’t have to wait long, as the first single from the record – “Can’t Get Enough” – will be available on music venues as early as 10 January. But that’s not all. The main news is that the singer will present to the public the film of the same name, which will appear on the popular streaming service on the same day as the album.

According to a press release, the film, directed by legendary music video director Dave Meyers, is a “narrative, intimate, thoughtful, sexy, funny, fantastical and highly visual musical re-imagining of her publicised private life”.

The singer shared a teaser of the film on social media, in one of the moments she says:

“When I was a little girl, if someone asked me what I wanted to be when I grew up, I always answered: “In love.”

All of this comes amid constant news of Bennifer’s romantic period, which never seems to fade away. Most recently, the sweet couple were spotted at a furniture shop as they sweetly chatted and cuddled.