Jessica Simpson shone on the red carpet at the 37th annual Footwear News Awards in New York on 29 November. The blonde beauty wore a glittering sheer silver floor-length gown. At the ceremony, Simpson was honoured with the Icon Award for creating “one of the most enduring success stories in fashion” – her billion-dollar eponymous brand with an extensive catalogue including clothing, shoes, accessories, cosmetics and more.

The fact that her brand makes fashion accessible has resonated with shoppers of all ages since she co-founded her company with her mum Tina in 2005. According to the singer, it means a lot to her to receive the award from her peers in the industry.

‘I’m honoured that my idea is connected to people in need,’ Simpson said. – ‘The fact that Footwear News is awarding this title to me, an ordinary girl from Texas, helps pave the way forward.’

Simpson also reflected on what being an icon means to her.

‘An icon is someone who isn’t afraid to take risks,’ the star said. – And often its choices don’t make sense in the immediate future, but it is a part of understanding the bigger picture. It’s someone who transcends a specific time or place and defines the moment.’

One of the bold choices Simpson made was to take back control of her own fashion empire. In 2021, she bought her company from partner Sequential Brands Group and dedicated herself to making the brand bigger and stronger than ever. Simpson revealed that this move is what makes her and her team enjoy each new success even more.

‘The most rewarding part is knowing that everything we do is now being done for us and our team,’ she explained. – ‘We are doing everything. We put in all the investment and effort and sacrifice. And it’s for the brand.’