Colombian singer Shakira, 46, was spotted chatting sweetly with fans at the VIP entrance to the Art Basel fair in Miami Beach. She looked vibrant in a stylish fitted top with a high collar, leather trousers and spectacular transparent heeled shoes. Shakira decided to complete her look with glossy tortoiseshell sunglasses and a sleek Burberry handbag. As fans noted, the outfit resembled the image of a rock star who does not deny herself in pleasures and enjoys fame to the maximum.

Shakira has a lot to be happy about, as last month she successfully struck a deal with Spanish authorities to avoid a trial in Barcelona on charges of failing to pay an impressive $15.5 million in taxes. Back in July, prosecutors said they would seek a prison sentence of eight years and two months and a $25 million fine for the world-famous singer. However, the court ruled that the star could pay a fine and interest totalling $26 million.

For Shakira – one of the most commercially successful pop stars in the world – this represents only a fraction of her total fortune, which is estimated at around $300 million.

According to her, the huge fine is the price she is willing to pay to spare her children from having their “mother sacrifice her well-being”.

“I have to fight and win, and the most important thing for me right now is that my children have a full life. And I’m focusing on what’s really important: watching them grow up and spending time with them without the agony of their mother being put on trial,” the star said.