Women adore Bradley Cooper, especially when the Hollywood star personally feeds them delicious street food. The Hollywood actor had a few special customers when he worked at Danny & Coop’s Cheesesteaks food truck in New York City on Wednesday, December 6. He was visited at “work” by former lover Irina Shayk and their daughter Leah, and the actor was later stopped by his new favourite, Gigi Hadid.

Cooper partnered with Danny DiGiampietro, owner of Angelo’s Pizza in Philadelphia, to create Danny & Coop’s Cheesesteaks food truck. As part of their collaboration, they set up a food truck on West Third Street where everyone could buy cheesesteaks. DiGiampiero told People that he and Cooper had been looking for a location for their new food truck project for two years.

The food was personally sold by Bradley Cooper. All proceeds from the sale will go to charity – they will be donated to a non-profit organisation dedicated to helping New Yorkers in need.

This is not the first time that Bradley Cooper tries on the role of a chef – he played him in the film “Chef Adam Jones”, released in 2015. In the story, the once famous chef loses his own restaurant in Paris because of a pernicious addiction to alcohol, but at some point decides to change everything. The protagonist reassembles the team, rebuilds the London restaurant and hopes to regain the former success.

Cooper’s new girlfriend Gigi Hadid visited her lover after Shayk, so the ladies did not cross paths that day. According to insiders, the relationship between the 28-year-old model and the actor is only getting stronger.