Alex Watson, 29, is the sibling of actress Emma Watson. Earlier this year, he set up a gin business called Renais. The gin is created from processed grapes from their father Chris’s vineyards in France. The idea to start his own business didn’t come to Alex by chance: his family has always been in the drinks business, and the actor admits he had a clear vision based on his family’s history in the wine business. When asked why gin in particular, he simply replies:

“It’s my favourite spirit!”

In a recent interview, Alex shared how he manages to run the business alongside his sister.

“Ems and I are very close. She has always been a great inspiration to me, all her achievements and the way she did it – I have a lot of respect for her. We are very supportive of each other, mostly I try to make her laugh. I think we were both looking for a new challenge and thought we would make a great team, and here we are.”

The businessman particularly notes the high level of trust between the two.

“Along with respect comes a new level of stability, and that’s great. On the other hand, we’re still brother and sister and we know how to motivate each other like no one else. But Emma is a fantastic partner to work with, she brings so much creativity, support and enthusiasm and complements my personality type perfectly.”

Alex notes that doing things that give him energy is very important to him.

“Happiness for me means making sure I look after my relationships with friends and family, loving my job and living a healthy lifestyle – having these basics and paying enough attention to them puts you in a happy state of mind.”